'Looking for answers:' More backlash over city's response to lead crisis after HUD letter to Rep. Moore


MILWAUKEE -- There is more backlash over the City of Milwaukee's response to the lead crisis.

It comes from Alderman Mark Borkowski and Alderman Bob Donovan, who are speaking out after the Department of Housing and Urban Development sent a letter to Congresswoman Gwen Moore -- expressing frustration and disappointment -- saying much more needs to be done by City of Milwaukee officials to control lead-based paint hazards in housing.

The city faces a June 30 HUD deadline to provide a written plan to address and correct the issues in the lead program.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's office said the mayor is confident the deadline will be met.

Below is a statement from the Freshwater for Life Action Coalition:

"The Freshwater for Life Action Coalition (FLAC) echoes the need for the City of Milwaukee to prioritize the lead water crisis and consider this matter as an urgent public health crisis.

Today's announcement that tomorrow's Steering & Rules Committee has been cancelled, this being the third consecutive Steering & Rules Committee cancellation, is no way to run government during a time of major public health crisis as the City of Milwaukee is experiencing today.

Shame on these elected officials who are more loyal to each other than they are to their constituency and the health of the citizens of Milwaukee.

The time has come for Milwaukee elected officials to stop covering up for each other and do the public service they were sworn to do. WE DESERVE BETTER!

The administration of Mayor Barrett, the Common Council and the President of the Common Council cannot afford to continue to procrastinate a nonchalant attitude towards this public health calamity.

The harm done to our community, the families and especially the children falls directly on the shoulders of the elected officials and the bureaucrats that failed us. This is unacceptable!

Water is life. Remove the pipes!"