Living next to a killer: Neighbors speak out about man responsible for Fond du Lac shootout

FOND DU LAC (WITI) -- He was a master cement mason but was he also a master manipulator? New details have been uncovered about Steven Snyder, the Michigan man who held up a bank and killed one person in Marinette County and hours later killed a Wisconsin state trooper in a shootout in Fond du Lac.

Those in Michigan who knew Snyder are shocked to hear about the killing spree, they never knew he had a violent past.

"I'm just surprised, I never saw that in him," said Snyder's friend, Stephen.

Stephen, a co-worker of Steven Timothy Snyder, is amazed at the life his colleague led. Unbeknownst to him, Snyder was convicted of disorderly conduct in Fond du Lac in 1996 after being involved in a bloody brawl between a group of 'skinheads' and another group of 'blacks and Hispanics.'

Court records who that the two groups pulled out pipes and baseball bats and started swinging. They caught Snyder who had several white power tattoos.

Ironically, Snyder taught high school students in Detroit about Masonry in 2005.

"I didn't see any evidence of any kind of negative feelings. He seemed to get a long with the kids well. They liked him and respected him," said Stephen, friend.

Snyder who shot and killed Thomas Christ and Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper Trevor Casper in Fond du Lac, Tuesday, March 24th after robbing the State Bank of Florence in the Village of Wasaukee -- he was also a wanted man.

The Michigan State Patrol says Snyder was wanted on a domestic assault warrant in Michigan for an incident that involved his wife on Christmas day. Revelations of his violent history have many who know him bewildered.

"Just to know Snyder was right next door and had that capability is very shocking," said Tom Burnette, neighbor.

Neighbor Tom Burnette is disturbed to learn a killer with past racist accusations lived right beside him.

"To hear that something like that is coming out of right next door it's mind blowing. It's scary," Burnette said.

Authorities are still trying to figure out why Snyder was in Wisconsin and what led him to rob a bank and kill two people.

Snyder has left behind a wife and son.