Killibrew's friends say they had a bad feeling the night he disappeared

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner is still waiting to perform an autopsy on the body of 53-year-old Dwight Killibrew. His frozen body was found on Sunday, February 17th in a garbage bag next to a dumpster. FOX6 News spoke with some of Killibrew's closest friends who say they had a bad feeling on the night Killibrew died.

Patricia Holland and her sister Flora Coleman knew Killibrew for decades.

On December 14th, the night Killibrew disappeared, Holland says he called her from a County bus, saying he was on his way to work -- but says he was acting strangely.

Holland says Killibrew then abruptly hung up.

After work at the Astor Hotel, a manager reports Killibrew clocked out just before 10:00 that night.

Milwaukee police say he was last seen in the area of 41st and Hampton. His body was found Sunday near 63rd and Kaul.

Holland and Coleman say they have begged police and the community for help in this case.

"I think everybody should be checked out -- even me and my sister, even his roommate. Everybody's a suspect to me right now," the sisters said.

The sisters say they have no idea who would want to hurt Killibrew, but they hope in some way, Killibrew knows they won't give up until they do.

"We know he feel us in his heart. We know he feel us," the sisters said.