'Keep doing it:' Milwaukee grandma could soon be next big social media influencer

Mamie Dupree-Hegwood

MILWAUKEE -- There's a national search for the Great American Grandma -- and we may have found her in Milwaukee. Mamie Dupree-Hegwood could soon be the next social medial influencer.

Mamie Dupree-Hegwood, otherwise known as gran-gran, loves food. Her table and menu are already set for Sunday dinner.

"This is an easy Sunday because I only have two meats," said Mamie Dupree-Hegwood.

She's hoping her passion will win her a new title -- GE's Great American Grandma. If she wins, she'll get five new GE appliances.

"My dishwasher hasn't worked in, let's say, over four years. So just think about that. All the dinners I have, we wash dishes by hand, which they're not very happy about," said Dupree-Hegwood.

She's one of the top ten finalists. If she wins, she'll also get a new job. The winner will be paid $50,000 salary to serve as a social media spokesperson for GE.

"Whatever your passion is, whatever your love is, don't let anybody tell you that because you're older or you got grey hair, that you can't do it. Keep doing it," said Dupree-Hegwood

She has three kids, six grand-kids and two great-grand kids. For them, food is just part of the family.

"Whenever I eat any of her dishes, it's like home," said Paula Hegwood, daughter.

Mamie is now hoping to share some of her favorite recipes.

"My son and my daughter aren't too happy about that sharing, but we'll kind of figure it out. We'll figure it out as we go along," said Hegwood.

The winner will be announced the first week of April.