"It's about embracing them:" Rock star student helps kick off Autism Awareness Week in Whitefish Bay

WHITEFISH BAY -- Holy Family Parish School kicked off Autism Awareness Week on Tuesday, March 28th with the help of a rock star student.

Camryn Rossa, a 15-year-old with autism talked about what autism means to her before the school's seventh grade students watched a music video starring Rossa.

Her mom explained why Autism Awareness Week is important.

"Each year we've kind of developed a week where we continue to raise that awareness and continue to keep the conversation going, so the kids really know that it's not a one-time thing. Like, 'yay, we accept these kids with autism,' but really, it's about embracing them as they grow and change," Dani Rossa said.

Holy Family Parish School is teaming up with the non-profit organization "Good Friend" to host its 9th annual Bowling Fundraiser on Saturday, April 1st at Village Bowl in Menomonee Falls.

Rossa is the event's top fundraiser, bringing in almost $50,000 since 2010.