iPad stolen from boy with autism in Sheboygan

SHEBOYGAN -- Four year old Jaden Wick was diagnosed with autism at an early age, and views life differently than his peers. So when he got an iPad it was more than just a toy. Jaden's mom Krystal says, "This was something that was a tool to get our child to achieve some developments that we shouldn't otherwise be able to help and assist him with."

Jaden quickly learned how to operate the iPad, learn from it and use it to communicate with others. That's why it was devastating when the iPad was stolen. Jaden's father Travis says, "My first initial thought was 'Oh my god somebody stole the iPad. What's Jaden going to do?'"

Travis and Krystal searched for a few days when Travis couldn't take it anymore.  He said, "I can't walk out my home everyday looking at people, and saying in my head 'Are you the person that stole his iPad? Are you the person that stole?' I didn't want to live like that."

Travis wrote an open letter to the Sheboygan Press about his family's situation. "From that point my phone was ringing off the hook," says Travis. People sent the family checks, some offered to buy new iPads.

Two days after Travis' letter was published, Jaden's stolen iPad was returned. The Wick family will use the money and iPads donated to them to help kids like Jaden.

Donations can be made to the Jaden Wick iPad account at any Wells Fargo Bank.