"I won't be defeated by this:" MMA star Anthony Pettis calls vehicle fires at his home a 'cowardly act'

MILWAUKEE -- Anthony "Showtime" Pettis, a Milwaukee star of mixed martial arts (MMA), is reacting to a fire that destroyed three vehicles in his driveway early on Thursday, October 27th.

Pettis posted the following picture on Instagram saying in part:

"I am a fighter. I won't be defeated by this. I am also extremely confused and saddened by the events that occurred. I am grateful that no one was harmed by this cowardly act."

Milwaukee police believe an unknown suspect used an accelerant to ignite two of the vehicles around 1:00 a.m. on Thursday. That fire spread to a third vehicle sitting in Pettis' driveway.

Pettis added in the Instagram post:

"I'm constantly defending my choice to stay in this city. Regardless of the crimes that have been occurring lately, this is my home. I really hope the city that I rep has my back on this one."


FOX6's Justin Williams spoke one-on-one with Pettis off camera. Pettis indicated so many people are coming to see his house, he may have to move.

Even Pettis' neighbors say they've been caught up in the aftermath.

"People build their homes in this area and it's not cheap. And they want to have nice places and, and be left alone," said Sean Brazeau, a neighbor of Pettis. "There's a lot more activity, more cars, driving through here."

Meanwhile, Milwaukee police ask anyone with information pertaining to this investigation to contact them at 414-935-7360.