'I knew I just had to be there by his side:' Teen mom earns GED while newborn son in NICU

INDIANAPOLIS -- An 18-year-old put her life on hold to be by her son's side, spending almost a year in the hospital alongside her newborn baby.

Shyann Hines' son, King, was flown to Indianapolis after having complications following his birth. He remained in the NICU for eight months.

"I knew I just had to be there by his side," said Hines. "I'm like, I can't go back to school."

Hines moved to the area to be with King, but fell behind in school until she learned about the hospital's education program and completed her GED.

"We make sure they have all the resources they need to complete their homework," said Lindsay DeWilde, an educational partner at the hospital. "Whether that be a laptop to borrow, or we have an actual classroom we can take them to."

Hines hopes to one day work at a hospital to help other moms get their degrees.

"I just feel like a big relief, cause it's like one thing off my slate," she said.