How a woman fit two years worth of trash in a 16-ounce mason jar

NEW YORK -- Lauren Singer has been nearly trash free for two years. She has managed to do so while living in the most populous city in the United States, the country that produces the most trash in the world.

Singer, 23, graduated from New York University with a degree in environmental studies and has lived a waste free lifestyle in New York City ever since. Singer was inspired by a family in California and the story of their "Zero Waste Home".

She now has a blog of her own, Trash is for Tossers, where she documents her zero waste life.

Singer makes her own toothpaste, body lotion, deodorant, and even laundry detergent. She uses mason jars to store her food and cleaning products. She even sells her cleaning products from her business The Simply Co.

Singer said contrary to popular belief, this lifestyle has actually given her more time, not less. Rather than taking a trip to the store to purchase toothpaste, Singer said it takes her 30 seconds to make her toothpaste.

She still goes out to eat at restaurants, but only ones that align with her values. She can control her own waste, but can't control restaurant waste, she said.

After two years this is all of Singer's trash, fit into one 16-ounce mason jar.