Get well celebration held in Third Ward for Rep. Grigsby

MILWAUKEE -- State Representative Tamara Grigsby was quietly battling cancer, but that fight became public when she was recently hospitalized, and her condition was cited as "grave." Now, Grigsby is conscious, but still in critical condition. Wednesday, the management of Chic Lounge in the Third Ward put on a get well celebration for Grigsby.

Tamara Grigsby's friends and constituents filled Chic Lounge Wednesday in an effort to maintain awareness for her health battle, and raise money for issues important to her.

Grigsby was admitted to the hospital on December 18th, and Wednesday is her 10th day there. Last week, her condition was described as "grave," but Monday, Grigsby regained consciousness and has since been listed in critical condition. Grigsby's spokesman says she has remained conscious, and that is a positive sign.

It is unclear exactly what type of cancer Grigsby has been affected with, and it's also unknown whether her latest health concern is related to the cancer or is a separate medical issue.

As doctors try to restore Grigsby's health, those that care about her are lending their support, hopes and prayers for a speedy recovery - all for someone who is described as fighting for the poor and underpriveleged. "She's desperately needed in Madison, and we all hope she'll be back to work soon!" one fundraiser attendee said Wednesday night.

Proceeds from Wednesday's Third Ward fundraiser will go towards a foster care organization called My Home, Your Home, as foster care is one issue very close to Grigsby's heart.