Funeral homes across the country now facing new set of challenges due to COVID-19

GREEN BAY -- Funeral homes across the country are now facing a new set of challenges because of the coronavirus.

As health officials continue to warn about limiting bodily contact and large gatherings, people are coming to terms with how to conduct funerals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Typical actions during a funeral, such as shaking hands and giving out hugs to show support, could be helping to spread the virus. This comes as some authorities say people should be avoiding crowds larger than 10.

These concerns are something some funeral home managers and local officials in Green Bay, Wisconsin are trying to handle with sympathy as they assure folks they'll still be there to help them through this rough time after the outbreak is over.

"The lack of a handshake, the lack of a hug, doesn't mean that we care any less. As a matter of fact, I think it means that we care more," said Shawn Smith, Newcomer Funeral Home Manager.

"This is obviously an unprecedented time and the financial impact of this could be very severe, and so we're doing everything that we can to help mitigate some of that," said Brian Johnson, Councilman.

Funeral professionals are trying to make sure there's enough hand sanitizer and disinfectants available -- while some families are posting special requests for their guests, which include refraining from making direct contact with others.