'Frightening experience:' Milwaukee municipal court judge tests positive for COVID-19

MILWAUKEE -- Derek Mosley, the presiding judge over Milwaukee municipal court, announced Monday, April 6 that he tested positive for COVID-19 on March 27 and was immediately placed on oxygen and admitted to the ICU at Froedtert Hospital.

In a Facebook post, Mosley said he still in the hospital but has been taken off oxygen and is breathing on his own. He said that although he is "not out of the woods yet, things are trending in the right direction."

Mosley said the following in a Facebook post: 

"Being immunosuppressed since my kidney transplant, this has been the most frightening experience of my life. After eight days, I was transferred from the ICU to a Covid-19 floor, and on April 5th, I was taken off oxygen to breathe on my own. Although, I am still in the hospital, and not out of the woods yet, things are trending in the right direction. Thank you to everyone who texted, called, emailed, posted on social media and prayed. Although, I had no strength to respond to them all, just know they were a source of inspiration and hope. I will provide further updates as they become available. Please stay safe & healthy."