FIRST Robotics Competition: 53 teams from around the world test their robotic skills

MILWAUKEE -- Students from all over the world put their robotic skills to the test this weekend at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena. The FIRST Robotics Competition combines the excitement of sports with the precision of science and technology.

Saturday, March 26th was day two of the FIRST 2016 Robotics Competition. A total of 53 teams had six weeks to build a robot using a standard kit of parts.

The teams were judged by how they fare in certain skills competitions.

Some local students were even paired up to work with people from outside the United States.

"It's kind of difficult because a lot of them only speak a little bit of English. But I mean, in the end, everybody here just needs to work on robots. Everybody needs a soldering iron,  some shrink tube. so we all need to work together to just try and get these robots out and playing on the field," said a team member from Turkey.

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