Feeding America says donation of 150,200 eggs came as a surprise

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- More than 150,000 eggs were donated to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin Friday -- and it was an unexpected donation.

For the past seven years, S&R Egg Farms has donated the cases around Easter to Feeding America, and the eggs in turn go to food pantries, meal programs and churches to hand out to families and children in need. But earlier this year, the farm had a devastating fire.

“The fact that they came through with a donation of this size again, is amazing. I think it says a lot about the owner, Al Schimpf. The fact he is very committed to the community, and the fact that this donation is going to make a difference with those struggling with hunger,” said Gina Styer with Feeding America.

So many eggs can go a long way in the community.

“This is a great protein item that people with hunger can eat at any time of the day it’s a really versatile meal,” said Styer.

Styer adds that when talking to the owner at S&R, this donation was never a question, despite their own hardship this year.

“He said look, we're not doing this for exposure, this is something God wants us to do. And I just think that’s an amazing statement since they had such a tragedy earlier this year at their family farm,” said Styer. “They are helping feeding America by providing it to us, we provide it to the food pantry and then the food pantry is able to turn it around and make it available to children and families in need.”