FBI: School closings due to COVID-19 present potential for increased risk of child exploitation

WASHINGTON -- The FBI is seeking to warn parents, educators, caregivers, and children about the dangers of online sexual exploitation and signs of child abuse. This, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to school closings as a result of COVID-19, officials say children will potentially have an increased online presence and/or be in a position that puts them at an inadvertent risk.


Parents and guardians can take the following measures to help educate and prevent children from becoming victims of child predators and sexual exploitation during this time of national emergency:

Online Child Exploitation

    Child Abuse Awareness

      Victim Reporting

      Reporting suspected sexual exploitation can help minimize or stop further victimization, as well as lead to the identification and rescue of other possible victims. If you believe you are—or someone you know is—the victim of child sexual exploitation:

        When reporting, be as descriptive as possible in the complaint form by providing as much of the following as possible:

          More information about the FBI’s guidance on child sexual exploitation and protecting your kids.