'Don't ignore it:' Milwaukee church deacon, cancer survivor died from COVID-19 complications

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee church deacon died from complications of the coronavirus, and members of Lonnie Kincaid's church family at Providence Baptist and his immediate family are mourning his death -- with a bit of regret.

"He made us daddy's girls," said Kelly Kincaid, Lonnie's daughter. "It's a beautiful thing to have the love of a father."

Lonnie Kincaid was Angela Burns' and Kelly Kincaid's father and hero. He was also a husband, chef and cancer survivor.

"This is the first day I woke up and I didn't have a bed of tissue like, around me from crying to go to bed, crying through the night," said Kelly Kincaid.

Lonnie Kincaid

The 69-year-old deacon fell ill in late March. His daughters said he went to the hospital, but was discharged. Days later, he was rushed back.

"My dad had a UTI a bowel obstruction and he was positive for COVID-19," said Kelly Kincaid.

His daughters believe their father was tested for COVID-19 too late, passing away on April 9.

Lonnie Kincaid

"My dad did everything that health care providers told him to do," said Angela Burns. "He fought that virus for a week before he got health care."

They said they wish they could've  been with him in his final days, to better communicate with him and his health care providers.

"I feel like had one of us been there to advocate for him, which you don't get to do, things would have been different," said Kelly Kincaid.

"I know we're limited with the testing, but if you have any of the symptoms, you need to speak up and advocate for yourself and get tested," said Burns.

"If you're having any symptoms, don't ignore them," said Kincaid. "Don't ignore it."

Family members said there would be a burial for Lonnie Kincaid Thursday, April 16, with plans to have a funeral when large gatherings can be held again.