CONSUMER ALERT: Wisconsin gas stations targeted in phone scam

MADISON (WITI) -- Operators and employees of small businesses statewide should be aware of a recent phone scam that targeted a number of gas stations in the Fox Valley area.

Station employees received a phone call from a scammer claiming to be a district manager for the company. The “district manager” instructed the employees to take $500 from the registers to a local drug store or retailer and purchase a Green Dot prepaid card with the funds. Once the employees have the loaded card, they are asked to call the “district manager” back with the card number and PIN.

As soon as the scammer receives this information, he drains the card of its funds. By the time the business realizes it has been scammed, the money is long gone.

If your business has been victimized in this scam or if you receive similar calls, contact local law enforcement.

For additional information, visit the Consumer Protection Bureau at, send an e-mail to or call the Consumer Information Hotline.