Captured: US Marshals seek 'documented Gangsters Disciple,' wanted for gas station shooting

UPDATE (Sept. 6): LaTroy Cunningham was arrested by the U.S Marshals in Minneapolis, thanks to tips from FOX6 Viewers.

MILWAUKEE -- U.S. Marshals need your help tracking down LaTroy Cunningham, 43, a man they said is a known gang member. He’s considered armed and dangerous.

“His criminal history spans out beyond Wisconsin,” the deputy marshal on the case said. “Burglary, narcotics, battery, and child abuse.”

U.S. Marshals said Cunningham's previous crimes were linked to California and Georgia. Additionally, he's accused of pulling the trigger in a shooting that nearly turned deadly in Milwaukee in July.

“He has an open warrant for recklessly endangering safety as a result of that incident,” the deputy marshal said.

Prosecutors said on July 22, Cunningham was at the BP gas station near 35th and Juneau when he opened fire, shooting at two men, ages 51 and 26. Both victims survived injuries to their lower bodies.

The warrant for Cunningham’s arrest was issued a week later.

“He is a documented Gangsters Disciple,” the deputy marshal explained.

Cunningham stands 6'1" tall and weighs 200 pounds. He also goes by the name Troy. He has several tattoos that help identify him.

"On his left arm, he has a six-point star, as well as a pitchfork, and the letters, 'GD,'" the deputy marshal said. "On his right arm, he has the letters, 'GD,' and the word, 'Troy."

U.S. Marshals said any bit of information sent to their office will remain anonymous. While the allegations against the 43-year-old are serious, U.S. Marshals encouraged him to come out of hiding and put an end to this himself.

“Step up and take responsibility for his actions, at this point," said the deputy marshal. "It's not too late to turn himself in to the U.S. Marshals or to local law enforcement."

If you have information that could help solve this case, you are urged to call 414-297- 3707.