"Can't even walk down the sidewalk:" City leaders say traffic deaths increased by 73% in 8 years in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Traffic deaths have increased by 73% in Milwaukee in just eight years, according to the latest numbers from city officials.

The data shows 33 people were killed in crashes in 2008, compared with 57 in 2016.

The report also looks at the number of traffic citations issued, showing those have gone down about 60 percent in the same time-frame.

Alderman Bob Donovan says reckless driving has become an epidemic.

"You can't even walk down the sidewalk apparently or cross the street without the potential of being run down from some idiot that feels there's no consequence," Donovan said.

It's important to note, the report doesn't show causation between those two numbers, meaning this didn't prove the increased traffic deaths are due to less tickets issued.

The report will be taken up at a Public Safety and Health Committee meeting discussing reckless driving at City Hall Thursday.