Broken furnaces leave Washington Co. Humane Society in the cold

SLINGER (WITI) -- The Washington County Humane Society could use a warm up as temperatures continue to drop. Workers arrived on New Year's Day to find two broken furnaces and another on the outs.

"We heard a loud hissing noise. It sounded like metal grinding on metal, which is never a good sign," said Executive Director Marnie Brown. "Three furnaces out at one time -- that's a shock."

Several cats were moved from their usual spot in the now-cold lobby to warmer offices in the building.

On Friday morning one furnace was repaired, however the problem hasn't been fully solved.

"It's jerry-rigged for right now," said Brown. "Obviously that's a concern because these kinds of temperatures are dangerous."

That's not the organization's only concern. Workers say they will need to rely on the community for donations to fix the heating problems.

"It's a financial difficulty for us," said Brown. "Our supporters are wonderful and they're helping us out a lot."

The cost to repair all three furnaces could reach up to $10,000.