Back at it: Despite being cited, man warns drivers of police checkpoints this holiday weekend

OHIO (WITI) -- Despite the fact that he was cited several weeks ago for "obstructing official business" -- Doug Odolecki was back at this Fourth of July weekend in northeast Ohio. The man has made it his mission to warn drivers about OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence) checkpoints set up by police in northeast Ohio.

"I'm personally salivating," Odolecki told FOX6's sister station, FOX8 in Cleveland ahead of the holiday weekend. "Waiting for the wheres and whens so I can go out and do what I do."

FOX8 reports Odolecki runs the Greater Cleveland Cop Block -- an online forum dedicated to holding the police accountable for their actions.

Odolecki likes to show up near OVI checkpoints with signs warning drivers -- while recording it on camera.

“You’re supposed to be free from being able to incriminate yourself, and you’re also supposed to be free from unlawful searches and seizures which we believe these checkpoints are,” Odolecki told FOX8.

Three weeks ago, FOX8 says Odolecki was cited because his sign included the words "Turn Now" -- and police viewed that as an obstruction of justice.

He has since changed the sign to be more compliant.

Odolecki says he's against drinking and driving -- but he's also against these police checkpoints.

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