Autopsy on human remains discovered after fire in Jefferson Co. inconclusive

JEFFERSON COUNTY -- The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says results are inconclusive from an autopsy performed on human remains found inside a pole barn that went up in flames in Ixonia. Additional information is now being sought through DNA tests.

A pole barn located on Northside Drive near County Highway P went up in flames around 6:00 a.m. on Monday, April 24th. Home video captured the fire and response.

Officials confirm they discovered human remains inside. The main house was also burning -- and the fires are being investigated as arson.

"He runs upstairs. He's screaming, "Mommy, mommy, mommy. There's a fire," said neighbor Naomi Burgess. "The smoke was getting bigger, covering the air everywhere."

Pole barn fire - Ixonia

Burgess told FOX6 News men were moving out belongings the past week. She was told one official served the men with eviction papers last weekend -- as they were renters. That official told the neighbors they threatened to burn down the place at that time.

The neighbor said before the fire, someone pulled a large vehicle in front of the driveway to block firefighting efforts -- and surrounded the barn with other vehicles.

"It just seems to me it was a premeditated thing. very odd," Burgess said.

Pole barn fire - Ixonia