As some stand in solidarity with police, divisions forming after what has been a tragic week

MILWAUKEE -- A pro-police group demonstrated on an I-94 overpass Sunday, July 10th -- standing in solidarity with officers after five police officers were shot and killed by a sniper in downtown Dallas, Texas Thursday, July 7th. But divisions are forming after what has been a tragic past week.

Some with the group "Wisconsin Law Enforcement Lives Matter" gathered over I-94 Sunday -- measuring solidarity by the salutes from below.

For Jill Povich, whose father was on the force and whose brother still serves, the demonstration was personal. Others just wanted to give thanks to the men and women in blue who work to keep us safe every day.

"All lives matter. Not just certain organizations and certain groups, but everybody," a demonstrator said.

The killing of five officers in Dallas during what was a peaceful rally over the shooting deaths of two African-American men in Louisiana (Alton Sterling) and Minnesota (Philando Castile) has sparked an outpouring of support for police, while threatening the Black Lives Matter movement.

The sniper in Dallas targeted white officers.

Although the Black Lives Matter group condemned the killings in Dallas, protests continued this weekend across the country.

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President Barack Obama said most protesters want positive outcomes.

President Barack Obama

"And I don't think that you can hold well-meaning activists who are doing the right thing and peacefully protesting responsible for everything that is uttered at a protest," President Obama said.

The group's opponents say the movement is out of control.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says Black Lives Matter ought to be labeled a hate group.

"The rhetoric is not going away. We need to delegitimize this Black Lives Matter movement. We`ve had enough of their nonsense," Clarke said.

President Barack Obama cut short his meetings in Europe to fly back to the United States. He will visit Dallas on Tuesday, July 12th.

Growing memorial outside Dallas Police Department