An added layer of security: Nicolet High School set to roll out new system to double check visitors

GLENDALE (WITI) -- Nicolet High School in Glendale will soon join thousands of others across the country in adding an extra layer of security.

On a busy day, around 60 visitors stroll through Nicolet High School's doors. Sheila Felder is tasked with ushering them through the metal detector and making sure they're accounted for.

"That's a lot of traffic -- a lot of traffic. We have lots of parents that bring their lunches. We have a clipboard now that they sign in on and then I give them a little tag and away they go," Felder said.

Pretty soon, Felder will have a new tool in an effort to keep the school safe. It's called "KeepnTrack."

"Like I tell parents, I said 'it's just for the protection of your child and for the protection of me,'" Felder said.

Soon, visitors' drivers licenses will be scanned through the new system, which cross-checks their identity with the National Sex Offender Registry.

"Within 45 seconds, we get a readout. If everything is all clear, the individual has a visitor's pass printed out and within a minute they're in the building and free to go about their business," Nicolet Superintendent Dr. Robert Kobylski said.

The system won't do a criminal background check, though Kobylski says that's an option the district could explore. Right now, the added security is seen as a chance to prevent potential problems.

"We're not aware of any sexual offenders coming into our building, but we certainly don't want that to happen so we believe we're just taking a proactive step," Kobylski said.

Kobylski says this system allows the school to balance increased security with building accessibility.

"We can get people in and out of here in a relatively efficient way. Anything that we can do to enhance the safety is in our estimation a good idea," Kobylski said.

The new system will be debuted Monday, March 16th. Nearly 70 other schools in the state already have similar systems in place.

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