Aldermen join rally to support American Security jobs outside Greater Milwaukee Auto Show

MILWAUKEE -- A rally was held to support the creation of good jobs in Milwaukee on Saturday, February 25th. Two city aldermen joined community supporters for the rally outside of the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show.

On the show's opening day, the rally aims to hold American Security responsible for a lack of support for the security officers they employ.

They're asking for more support of jobs with better pay and benefits.


Folks at the rally say their movement is only a part of the bigger fight for increased wages around the country.

"We want to make sure that the Center District, while they're having the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show, recognize the officers who keep the auto show safe and secure need affordable benefits, they need higher wages. You know, they're struggling," said Dave Somerscales, SEIU Local 1.

Those at the rally are calling on the Wisconsin Center District to consider terminating American Security's contract with the city.