Admirals' fans witness live prostate exam during hockey game

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Hockey fans headed out to the Admirals game Saturday night, and they definitely got more of a show than they planned on!

If the Admirals are on the ice at the Bradley Center, chances are, Michael Harris is in the stands.

"I'm a season ticket holder so I come to all the games," said Harris.

Harris says it's hard not to like a sport that asks players to swap in or out while the game is in progress.

"I like checking. I like the fast pace," said Harris.

During Saturday's game against the Rockford Icehogs, fans like Harris caught a different sort of check. But this one didn't happen on the ice.

In front of all the fans, the Admirals vice president of business development dropped his shorts and took one for the team.

"If I can get 5 people to the doctor that wouldn't have normally gone to the doctor because I'm going to do something crazy like this, we did our job tonight," said Mike Wojciechowski, Business Development VP.

You guessed it, he had a prostate exam right in the middle of the first period. They're hoping the stunt will prompt other men to follow suit.

"African Americans actually we need to at least consider prostate screening a little bit earlier at age 45. Caucasian men usually at age 50, and there's debate about how often you screen and who you screen the important thing is to talk to your physician about it," said Internal Medicine Physician with Aurora Healthcare, Dr. Jeff Aldred.

Looking around the stands, there are a lot of men who fall right in that age range where they should be having that conversation. Seeing one done on the big screen, certainly caught the attention of some fans.

"It's not the one I remember, I had one about two years ago and it wasn't pleasant -- but it's something you have to go through I guess," said Harris.

Doctor Aldred tells FOX6 News the exam is pretty quick -- lasting only about 10 seconds.