43-year-old with COVID-19 thanks 'everybody who helped me' upon release from Froedtert

MILWAUKEE -- Officials with Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin shared some wonderful news on Thursday, April 9 regarding the release of a 43-year-old man diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Hospital officials said Leo, 43, was hospitalized beginning March 20, and suffered respiratory failure and cardiac arrest as a result of COVID-19. He was on a ventilator for eight days.

Leo went home Tuesday, April 7, and upon his release, he and his wife thanked the medical professionals who saved him.

“Thank you for saving my life," said Leo. "I want to thank every single person from the nurses to the doctors -- everybody who helped me. You did it. God bless you guys.

His wife praised the nurses and medical ICU staff, saying, “I asked if they’d let us pray together and the nurses did that for me.”

Get well soon, Leo!