Sample three-course meals from some of Milwaukee's best restaurants, but how?

MILWAUKEE -- Sample three-course meals from some of the Milwaukee's best restaurants without breaking the bank? Laura hangs at the Pub Club to preview Downtown Dining Week.

Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 and select downtown restaurants are prepping for the 10th annual Downtown Dining Week, June 4th – 11th.

A mix of 47 new and familiar restaurants will be featured, each with three-course options at $12.50 for lunch and $25 or $35 for dinner.

This year’s participants include:

    As an extra incentive for dining downtown, Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 will award four diners $550 in dining certificates.

    To enter, diners will be encouraged to complete a Downtown Dining Week survey following their dining experience at At the conclusion of the event, four completed surveys will be randomly drawn.