Easter is just weeks away! How you can transform your home into spring

MILWAUKEE -- Easter will be here before you know it -- and today Sendik's floral designer Bjorn Chinander joins FOX6 WakeUp with some ideas to make Easter and spring home decorating a breeze.

About Sendik's (website)

The name Sendik’s is derived from a simple misunderstanding. As new immigrants to America, the family needed to acquire many household items. While attempting to purchase a stove, Great Grandpa Balistreri overcame the language barrier and asked the clerk to “send it” to him. To the salesman, it sounded like Great Grandpa was saying “Sendik,” which is the name that was written on the order. When the stove arrived, the delivery person asked some neighbors where he could find “Mr. Sendik.” They pointed him in Great Grandpa’s direction because they knew he was expecting a stove. Great Grandpa became known as Mr. Sendik, and the rest, as they say, is history.