'Come for the doughnuts… stay for the pizza' at Cranky's in Wauwatosa

WAUWATOSA -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Cranky's on North Avenue in Wauwatosa. Cranky Al's is just about the only place in the world where doughnuts and pizza live together in harmony.

About Cranky Al's (website)

In 2006, Susie and Al set up shop here in East Tosa as a homegrown coffee and doughnut shop. After fine-tuning their morning offering (and winning accolades for their cruellers, Hoytie Toyties, and sprinkly dinklies), they followed the natural progression of things, and expanded their business to pizza.

Their pizzas became an instant favorite in the area from The Cranky, featuring sausage and pepperoni, to the Freshtable and Susie Special.

What connects their food from predawn to dusk is the quality. From the care and attention put into hand cranking each and every doughnut to the dedication of using only the highest quality ingredients in all our food, Cranky’s offers only the best to its customers.