Below-average temps to move in, multiple freeze chances heading into the weekend

MILWAUKEE -- Well below-average temps have arrived and will be stuck over the Great Lakes through mid-May, at least. This will give us multiple freeze chances, as cold Canadian air is stuck especially to our NE.

Late spring freezes aren't out of the ordinary, but in Milwaukee, we haven't fallen below freezing since April 16!

Temp forecast Saturday, May 9

On Friday morning, May 8, temps will flirt with freezing, but the farther north you are and valley areas have the best chances of a freeze.

Low-temperature forecast for Friday, May 8

The coldest morning, looking long-term, is expected to be Saturday, May 9. This will be the best chance for just about everyone to fall well below freezing. What could be a saving grace for some plants is if winds pick up, but for now, it is looking especially chilly.

Low-temperature forecast for Saturday morning, May 9

Even into next week, we will have mornings where we get into the 30s, so if you haven't planted yet in your garden, it's safe to say holding off into the mid part of the month is a good idea.