"I fell in love with the city:" Marc Miller has a passion for racing, and also, a passion for Milwaukee

ELKHART LAKE -- There are always captivating people coming to the famed Road America track to compete. This summer was no different. One driver's passion almost led him to call Milwaukee home.

Marc Miller

The desire to get behind the wheel began early for Marc Miller.

"It's just something I've always wanted to do. I saw a go-kart go by on a trailer. My dad and I were both intrigued by it. And we chased it down, found out where the race track was and how we could get involved. And that was at 11 years old and I honestly have not looked back since," Miller said.

Miller, from Holland, Michigan immediately began to race go-karts. Since then, it seems as though he's been driving anything and everything.

Marc Miller

"I've raced open wheel, stock cars, go-karts, formula cars, now sports cars. I've really enjoyed sports car racing for the last several years. I think racing and the competition and the people, it's my home. It's my passion. It's what I enjoy," Miller said.

Racing has taken Miller to Road America often.

"It's one of the storied tracks in the country. It has so much and it invites so much. It's got a park-like setting. Long straight aways, long sweeping corners, some great 90 degree corners and braking zones. It's a challenging facility to race at," Miller said.

Marc Miller

Even before becoming enamored with the road course, Miller developed strong feelings for Milwaukee.

"I fell in love with the city. I almost attended UWM to go into architecture, and decided that architecture wasn't for me as a passion. I ended up going to Western Michigan University back where I'm from," Miller said.

But he hasn't forgotten about Milwaukee. This summer, he returned, and his family was able to join him.

Road America

"That's special to me that they get to meet my other family, the family that I race with and my competitors that I've built rapport with and also our team, fans and sponsors. We took tours and visited the lake shore and had lunch at an old familiar lunch spot and really enjoyed it. It's a city that feels like home because it shares the lake with us. And it gives you that big city feeling. But there's still that familiar, friendly and warm environment that I get across the lake," Miller said.

Miller's passion and his family allow him to visit the places he loves, but they also give him the ability to reach out.

"I've got a 10-year-old son that has autism, so I try to do a lot for the local chapter of the Autism Society of America. I think it's important just to be human. We get an opportunity to travel the country and meet a lot of people and do things. When you see people in need, I always have this feeling I want to help and I want to give. When things are near to dear to you, you tend to have more energy towards it," Miller said.

Marc Miller

That generosity doesn't stop with Miller. His team, CJ Wilson Racing, also helps kids through CJ Wilson Children's Charities.

"That is a way to give back to kids that are in the hospital.  It's really important as people in general to give back whenever they have an opportunity," Miller said.

It's his passion that makes Miller a fan favorite in Wisconsin.

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