Game of the Week: Milwaukee Lutheran takes home 40-34 win over Port Washington

MILWAUKEE -- The Port Washington Pirates squared up against the Milwaukee Lutheran Red Knights on Friday night, September 4th. Milwaukee Lutheran has a new coach, a new approach and a new excitement -- Friday it brought a red-out against Port Washington.

The excitement in the stands translated onto the field in the second quarter. Milwaukee Lutheran was down 6-0 when Josiah Hedrington passed to Donovan Rathell 25 yards for the score -- 7-6 Red Knights.

The Red Knights continued to dominate with a 21-12 lead at the half.

The second half it was more the Pirates who had the momentum. In the fourth quarter, Port Washington had a huge interception that led the Pirates to a 34-28 lead over the Red Knights.

The momentum was returned to the Red Knights when late in the fourth quarter, Hedrington passes to Jarred Johnson -- tying the game at 34-34.

In the final seconds of the game, Hendrington passes to Nick Winter in the corner of the end zone, he somehow kept his feet in for the game-winning touchdown.

After the game, Coach Erich Janousky was very emotional coach.

"These kids have had a rough go the last few years so this is awesome. It wasn't pretty but obviously we've got a few athletes and kids that can make plays and we're blessed. Wow, the defense got it done when they had to, I think twice. Just awesome," said Janousky.

The Red Knights take the final score 40-34.