Warm January day draws golfers, dog walkers outdoors

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- It's the last thing a person living in Wisconsin would expect to do on January 6th. But plenty of people were out and about golfing on Friday and temperatures approached 50 degrees.

The Edgewood Golf Course in Big Bend booked hundreds of golfers on Friday. "Usually, we play golf, we are out on the ice, drilling holes hitting a ball, but I think this is a little bit more fun," said golfer Mark Budnik.

Golfers weren't the only ones out to enjoy the weather.
Dog owners found themselves running around with their pets at dog parks throughout southeast Wisconsin.
"I'm not a big cold weather fan and neither are they especially him being an older dog.  He loves warn weather and he likes to play so today is a great day to take him out," said Rebekah Detrie.

The Milwaukee County Parks System opened seven of its golf courses Friday because of the warm weather. They're likely to remain open into next week -- or as weather permits.