Search warrants say Stradivarius was suspect's "dream theft"

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- FOX6 News is learning more in the case of the stolen Stradivarius violin -- and how law enforcement officials cracked this case. This, via search warrants obtained by FOX6 News on Monday, February 10th.

The violin was stolen on Monday night, January 27th. Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Frank Almond has just finished up a concert at the Wisconsin Lutheran College on Bluemound Road. Almond was exiting the performance hall, approached his vehicle and opened the rear door on his car to put the violin inside. A man walked up to him, “produced a flashlight-style Taser-type weapon, and fired that Taser at Mr. Almond.”

Almond told police the “ejected probes of the Taser struck him in the wrist and chest. Mr. Almond said he fell to the ground, and was momentarily incapacitated. Upon gaining control of himself, Mr. Almond said the Stradivarius Lipinski 1715 violin was missing.”

Early on January 28th, the black canvas violin case that held the Stradivarius was found near 44th and Garfield in Milwaukee. The complaint says “numerous articles were either inside the case, or on the ground near the case.” But the violin was missing.

A search warrant says a phone was inside the case when the violin was stolen, and the cell phone carrier helped police track its location.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has said law enforcement officials worked with Taser International, and information received from the company led them to an individual in Milwaukee who had purchased the device. He was identified as Allah, who was placed under arrest.

Investigators believe the taser was purchased from

Search warrants say a tip from a man who served time with Salahadyn also helped investigators in this case.

Salahadyn was convicted of possessing a stolen sculpture years ago, and in an email, that tipster said Salahadyn would talk about stealing high-end art while in custody -- adding that his dream theft was a Stradivarius violin, and that it could be snatched from the hands of a musician as he or she was walking down the street.

FOX6 News visited Salahadyn's listed address on Monday evening, after learning Salahadyn and Allah have posted bond and have been released from custody.

No one was home, and a note on the door says Salahadyn no longer manages the building.

No one was available when FOX6 News tried to reach Allah.