Restaurants keeping the doors open in the midst of bitter cold

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The latest round of bitterly cold weather has some restaurants shutting the doors until things warm up -- but others are thriving!

Driving past Leon's Frozen Custard on a bitterly cold day -- it's the question you can't suppress.

"Who eats ice cream on a day like today, huh? Two scoops of strawberry in a dish to go," one Leon's customer said.

"Most of our customers are impulse buyers so they're driving down the street -- a lot of people are closed, they see that we're open and they'll come on in," Steven Schneider with Leon's Frozen Custard said.

It probably doesn't hurt that the place is a bit of a Milwaukee landmark.

The general manager says the cold does have an effect -- but says on Monday, the restaurant still had hundreds of people show up.

Regulars, willing to battle the chill are helping to sustain other local foodie favorites as well.

"I said 'I hope they're not closed because of the cold' because any place could be closed today," Mark Moczynski said.

Moczynski couldn't wait to introduce a friend to Philly Way.

"Big portion and the flavor's awesome," Moczynski said.

A few weeks ago, Philly Way closed due to the weather -- and customers weren't happy about it.

"A lot of customers, when we did open said 'hey you guys were closed' -- so that stopped us from closing this time," Juan Tamez with Philly Way said.

Fans of Bishop's BBQ in New Berlin haven't been so lucky. The restaurant has been closed for almost a week-and-a-half -- but they also have to cook outside!

Staff members braved the elements early Tuesday morning though, to cook up some ribs to give away.

"We just want people to know that we're still here and as soon as the weather breaks we'll be going back full force and, you know, selling barbecue," Bill Jr. with Bishop's BBQ said.