Republicans spend afternoon debating hottest issues in politics

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- State Republicans spent Saturday, May 3rd rallying behind their politicos and deciding what they want the party's values to be.

It was an afternoon spent going back and forth on some of the most hotly debated issues in politics.

"The tenth amendment has been run rough shod over and we need to regain that sovereign, not only in theory, but in action. The second thing is that secession is a critical part of that," said one attendee.

Perhaps the biggest headline grabber was a resolution that sought to emphasize Wisconsin's right to secede under extreme circumstances. That resolution got shot down by the delegates.

The party's executive director says delegates' rejection of that resolution restored the convention's focus to where it should be: The re-election of the party's top brass.

"I think at the end of the day it was a distraction that we need to be focused on November 4th and what it's going to take to re-elect Governor Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch, and return majorities to the state senate, to the state assembly, and anything else is a distraction and we need to focus on the goal, and that's November 4th," said the party's executive director, Joe Fadness.

Despite the resounding defeat, we wanted to know what it says about the rise of Tea Party politics in the state, that such a resolution even made it to the state's convention.

"Families have discussions and we were having a discussion and today when the entire family came together for its reunion they shot down the idea," said Fadness.

As for what happens now to any resolutions that did pass: they're mostly just ways of saying this is something the party may represent, but they're non-binding and they are not part of the official party platform.