Perez declares victory -- Witkowiak asks for a full count in 12th District race

MILWAUKEE --Late Tuesday, April 3rd, Jose Perez declared victory in the race for Milwaukee's 12th Aldermanic District.

Incumbent James Witkowiak said he would not concede and wanted a count of absentee ballots.

There is already some discussion of a recount, but Perez said if it is necessary he's confident he'll still be sworn in as alderman.

Witkowiak arrived at La Fuente on Milwaukee's south side Tuesday night and was greeted by supporters, who applauded his efforts, though it was too early to declare victory.

This was a contentious campaign, after Witkowiak supporters pointed to flyers and declared them part of a smear campaign. The flyers said "Witkowiak is wrong for the south side," and supporters said that headline and the text included on the flyers couldn't be further from the truth.

On Perez' Facebook page, Perez responds to apparent racist attacks, saying the rhetoric has grown more heated as the campaign has gone on, especially in the line of discussions.

Witkowiak said Tuesday night he remained optimistic about his chances of being re-elected and was looking forward to seeing absentee ballot returns. "I'm feeling great. The campaign was excellent - hardcore, honest, truthful," Witkowiak said Tuesday night.

Perez took to the streets Tuesday, letting voters know he is the kind of change they are looking for. "The most important thing I did was talk with people at the doors and stay focused on people that have not been heard in a long time," Perez said.