Owner located! Lost photo album left at FOX6 News found at Goodwill

Update: A viewer from Muskego reached out to FOX6 News claiming the photo album belongs to her family. She says the album is her parents and even recognized the binding. The woman tells FOX6 News her family will be happy to have the album back as her father recently passed away. She plans to pick it up from the station in the coming weeks.

MILWAUKEE -- Accumulating dust in the newsroom for more than a year, FOX6 News is looking to reunite a lost photo album with its rightful owner.

Pictures show what appears to be a family growing up together; baby photos, holidays, birthdays, school photos and touching family memories can be found inside.


A note in the album says it was found at a Goodwill in Waukesha in a wooden entertainment center.

FOX6 News made attempts to locate the owner in the past by using photos that show a home address and street sign. However, there's been no luck.