Now facing a homicide charge, Demario Easley accused in shooting death of Bryson Brown

MILWAUKEE COUNTY (WITI) -- 25-year-old Demario Easley has been officially charged in connection with the shooting death of Bryson Brown that occurred at the US Gas Station near Green Bay Avenue and Cornell Street on Tuesday, June 17th.

Easley was arrested on the morning of June 23rd in Florida -- after a warrant was issued for his arrest in Milwaukee County on that same day.

Demario Easley

Easley was extradited from Miami, Florida to Milwaukee.

The arrest warrant charged Easley with two felonies: possession of a firearm by a felon, and bail jumping.

Now, an amended criminal complaint has been issued against Easley -- charging him with three felonies: first degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm by a felon, and bail jumping.

Police were dispatched to the US Gas Station near Green Bay Avenue and Cornell Street around 1:00 p.m. on June 17th.

There, they found Bryson Brown lying near a gas pump with gunshot wounds to his right chest, left side, back and left neck.

Milwaukee Fire Department personnel arrived and pronounced Brown dead at the scene.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office performed an autopsy, and determined Brown died as a result of gunshot wounds he suffered.

The complaint against Easley says police spoke with a man at the scene on June 17th -- and he told police he knows both Easley and Brown.

The complaint says the man was able to positively identify Easley in a photo array as the person who shot and killed Brown.

The complaint says the man told police he saw Easley with a handgun in his hand. The man said he saw Easley shoot Brown before Easley fled the scene in a vehicle.

The complaint says police on June 20th spoke with another man -- who indicated on June 17th, he was with Easley, whom he described as a friend, and the brother of the initial man with whom police spoke.

The complaint says the man police spoke with told them Easley was trying to sell "lean" (described as codeine cough syrup) -- and had arranged to meet someone at the gas station to sell the "lean."

The complaint says the man told police at some point while at the gas station, Bryson Brown approached the vehicle the men were in, and began talking to them. While this was occurring, the man told police Easley was given a handgun -- and he then began to shoot the handgun directly at Brown.

The complaint says the man told police he fled from the vehicle as Easley was shooting, and Easley then fled in the vehicle following the shooting.

Another of the men on scene that day told police he witnessed Easley firing what he described as a semi-automatic handgun at Brown -- before fleeing the scene, according to the complaint.

Police were able to observe surveillance video from the gas station, and the complaint against Easley indicates the video was consistent with the witness statements in this case.

The criminal complaint against Easley says at the time of the shooting on June 17th, Easley was out on bail in that separate case filed on April 1st, and was ordered to possess no firearms or controlled substances -- and commit no crimes as a condition of his bail.

The complaint says Easley's conduct as described in the complaint is a direct violation of the terms and conditions of his bail.

The complaint also references a conviction against Easley for fleeing/eluding an officer -- a felony charge.

In that case, Easley was sentenced to nine months in the House of Correction, after he pleaded guilty.

That case was filed on March 22nd, 2012.

Easley has a preliminary hearing scheduled for July 10th.

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