Military mother receives minivan to help transport five children

GLENDALE -- As a thank you to a family who has given so much, a military family got a ride from La Crosse to Glendale, to pick up a special gift. Sandra Hamilton has five kids, an active duty husband who most recently served in Iraq -- and no way to transport anyone anywhere. That all changed on Tuesday, December 11th.

The family received a 2005 Towne and Country van, donated by Geico Insurance. They picked up the van at ABRA Auto Body & Glass in Glendale on Tuesday morning. 

"It makes us feel very proud. We worked with donated parts and paint and different labor that was donated," Brad Meyer with ABRA Auto Body & Glass said.

This was all made possible through a program called "Recycled Rides." Auto repair shops across the country donate refurbished vehicles to families without. 

Hamilton showed up Tuesday with three of her five children in tow.

"It's the first time in about a year now we'll have a vehicle that can transport the three little ones safely, so we're not in three different vehicles or borrowing somebody else's car to go somewhere. It's a God-send," Hamilton said.

The true blessing, according to those who made this possible, is for a military family who has given so much to others serving their country to get a little something back.

Hamilton's husband is about to be deployed once again, but she says she is looking forward to being able to load up all the kids and keep the family together in their new minivan.