Michigan woman wakes up early Sunday and finds a mystery baby in her bed!

MICHIGAN (WITI) -- A bizarre incident in Michigan early Sunday, December 7th involved a woman waking up to an infant in her bed -- having no idea where the child came from, or whose it was!

Battle Creek, Michigan police took custody of the infant, pending the arrival of Child Protective Services, according to FOX6's sister station FOX17 in Michigan.

Police stepped up to care for the child -- giving the baby matchbox cars, teddy bears and beanie babies -- even changing the child's diaper!

Police released information about the child, and minutes later, the child was identified and reunited with his mother.

FOX17 reports the original caller's son had dropped off the child before going out for the night, and he didn't notify his sleeping mother. What makes the incident even more absurd is that the baby doesn't belong to the caller's son.

Child Protective Services is now investigating.