Litter of puppies saved from Marshfield trash can ready for adoption

MARSHFIELD -- A litter of puppies rescued from a trash can in Marshfield are ready to find forever homes. The Marshfield Area Pet Shelter will start accepting adoption applications on Thursday, April 11.

Police say the eight puppies were found stuffed in a trash bag and put in a trash can on Feb. 28, near 4th and State in Marshfield. Officials removed the dogs and they were taken to the animal shelter.

Sunday, April 7, the animal shelter said the puppies turned five weeks old and are ready to find homes. They even ventured outside for the first time and played in the grass and mud!

The Marshfield Area Pet Shelter will accept adoption applications on Friday, April 11. CLICK HERE for more information.

Meantime, police say a 56-year-old man admitted to discarding the puppies. Charges against the suspect have been requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office for mistreatment of animals and abandonment of animals.