Fort Hood shooting brings back memories of 2009 incident

MOUNT PLEASANT (WITI) -- A shooting at Fort Hood late Wednesday afternoon, April 2nd was a painful reminder of a 2009 mass shooting at the same post. That incident left 13 dead, including Russell Seager from Mt. Pleasant.

Corporal Lance Solberg, a Marine currently home on leave, grew up just a couple of doors from the Seagers. He says when he returns to base next week, he expects the mood to be even more serious than when he left.

"Having that is a big tragedy for anybody. It's very sad to hear that someone could've maybe prevented it, you never know," said Solberg. "With the people under me, I always tell them if there's any family problems or anything you have going on, I'm here for you 110% no matter what."

The tragedy affects Mt. Pleasant native Solberg on a personal level as he remembers his neighbor growing up, Russell Seager. Seager was an Army psychiatrist who was killed in the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood.

"His son and I were pretty good friends. We'd shoot hoops together, play catch, and I remember they had a dog, too. I remember them. He and his wife would walk the dog and we'd always say hi at the mailbox," said Solberg.

Solberg is set to return to Cherry Point next week and says he expects things to be a bit different.

"It's going to be a little more strict, especially people coming on base or off base. I mean, everyone's going to be checking more ID's," said Solberg.

If you're in the military, Solberg says, you already know to be aware -- but he believes it's also becoming the case for those apart from military life, as well.

"I guess a lot of things that happen in our society make us more self-aware, especially September 11th or even a mass shooting or anything like that," said Solberg.

The Wisconsin National Guard has said more than 30 members at Fort Hood are safe and accounted for after the shooting.