Fond du Lac Co. deer farmer says four deer killed by pit bulls

FOND DU LAC COUNTY -- It has been an emotional few days for a Fond du Lac County deer farmer. He is dealing with the deaths of four of his deer, after raising them as pets. Sheriff's officials say two pit bulls broke into the deer farm and went on the attack.

The farmer says last week, he had to call 911 after finding his neighbor's two pit bulls tearing his deer, Shadow and Clover apart.

"My understanding was the deer farmer was pretty shook up when he called. When deputies arrived they had seen that three deer had already been killed. One was severely injured and that one had to be put down," Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Lt. Cameron McGee said.

The deer farmer did not want to talk on camera and asked to remain anonymous. He says he has been farming deer with a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources permit for more than 10 years. He keeps them as pets and says losing them is like losing a family member.

The owner of the pit bulls was fined $200 for letting the dogs run at large. Sheriff's officials say they are actually investigating further punishment. "Why those dogs chose to break into that pen and attack those deer, I don't know. It's certainly always been my opinion that it's the owners of pit bulls that are responsible for their behavior," McGee said.

Deer still remain on the farm, but the owner would not say how many. Despite his love for the animals, the farmer says the pit bull incident has him wondering if the deer farm is worth running. The deer owner says the dogs broke a gate on his property and he is contemplating legal action.

The owner of the dogs had no comment.