Dash cam video released in crash that killed two Nicolet sophomores

Two 15-year-old Nicolet High School sophomores sped away from a traffic stop over the weekend, and moments later, they were dead. FOX6 has obtained the dash cam video of what happened, that shows a chain reaction of choices with fatal consequences.

The dash cam video is disturbing, but revealing, showing just what police did before the crash. The video shows that only seconds after a River Hills officer attempted a traffic stop due to a burnt out tail light, the pursuit was put on pause, when the vehicle driven by 15-year-old Halee Fischer drove off. Moments later, an explosion is seen in the distance, after Fischer hit a utility pole with a transformer. The pole was nearly broken in two, and two lives were lost on impact, as Fischer and her passenger, Jennifer Geren, were killed.

Police say Fischer had a learner's permit, and was driving her mother's car without permission. Preliminary toxicology reports have indicated Geren was drinking, but there is no sign at this time that Fischer had consumed alcohol prior to the crash.

Since last weekend's crash, the site near the intersection of Good Hope Road and Seneca Avenue in Glendale has become a place to grieve, gather, and for some, consider the consequences, as this has become a terrible teaching moment, and a reminder of the responsibilities and choices young drivers face.