Couple delivers baby girl in Brookfield Square Mall parking lot

BROOKFIELD -- During the holiday season, most head inside Brookfield Square Mall, looking for gifts. But for one couple, this year, their most precious gift arrived in the mall's parking lot!

On November 30th, Danielle Goehner was nearly two weeks from her second daughter Eliana's anticipated due date, when contractions began -- going from few and far between, to frequent and fast!

"They skipped from eight to 12 minutes apart and all of a sudden they were three to four minutes apartment, and now they were really serious!" Goehner said.

Serious enough that Goehner's husband, Scott began driving Danielle from their Brookfield home to Waukesha Memorial Hospital. The couple stopped on Moorland Road, just south of Bluemound Road at the urging of a 911 dispatcher. 

Then, Danielle actually began giving birth on some towels in the corner of the Brookfield Square parking lot -- about a minute before an ambulance and a healthy baby girl arrived.

"What a blessing. God was definitely watching out for us that day, and it was totally his plan -- his timing. Perfect," Danielle Goehner said.

The Goehners say they're still coming to terms with what happened in the parking lot. They told FOX6 News that at some point, they plan on re-visiting the area and bringing little Eliana with them.