Condo complex damaged following fire sparked by lightning

MUSKEGO (WITI) -- Fire officials say lightning is to blame for a fire at a condo complex in Muskego on Tuesday morning, June 25th.

The fire at the Lindale Villa condominium complex was first reported around 2:30 a.m. A neighbor saw the flames shooting out of the roof and called 911.

Firefighters say lightning struck the roof, and started the fire in the attic. None of the building’s alarms went off, so firefighters had to go in and help get people out.

Luann Paquette lives in a neighboring building and says as she was watching the firefighters fight the flames, all she could think about was the safety of those inside.

“The flames were shooting out of the top of the roof,” Paquette said, “So much could have gone wrong and nothing did. We were lucky.”

Everyone and every animal got out in time. There were no injuries caused by the fire or the smoke. However fire officials tell FOX6 News one person was taken to the hospital for an anxiety attack.

Seven families were temporarily forced from their homes. The Red Cross was on hand to help them with food, clothing and a place to stay.

“We train a lot and work with a lot of mental health people and health service people in Red Cross that show us how to work with the families. Most of the times we listen to them and let them talk about what’s going on. We provide a lot of financial services such as food, making sure they have a place to stay, with family or friends. Most of what we do are work with the people and just make sure someone is there to help them and they’re not left out in the cold or the rain on their own,” explained Reece Robinson with the Red Cross.

Several residents came back after the fire to get whatever they could from their homes.