Blue Light Week: Man creates Facebook event that encourages support for law enforcement officials

VIRGINIA (WITI) -- A former police officer and sheriff's deputy is encouraging people to replace their regular porch or outdoor house light with a blue light bulb to show support for law enforcement officials.

D.J. Jessup told FOX6's sister station WTVR he could no longer just sit back and watch the hatred posted on social media directed at law enforcement officials following the controversial grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Missouri and New York.

Jessup has created a Facebook event called "Blue Light Week."

“I know there are people who support what we do. This is one way they can show that support," Jessup told WTVR.

Jessup told WTVR he initially invited 190 Facebook friends to participate in the Blue Light Week. In 24 hours, 28,000 invitations had been shared. By early this week, more than 31,000 invites had been shared.

"We just want out children to grow up in a safe environment. Many officers don't ask for anything in return," Jessup told WTVR.

The Blue Light Week runs from January 1st through January 7th, 2015.

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