Bloomberg unveils new crime-fighting system for New York

NEW YORK (CNN) -- New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Wednesday, August 8th a new crime monitoring system -- developed with Microsoft -- designed to allow law enforcement to better collect data and review the city in real time, using a collection of cameras, license-plate readers and other resources.

"This new system capitalizes on new powerful policing software that allows police officers and other personnel to more quickly access relevant information gathered from existing cameras, 911 calls, previous crime reports and other existing tools and technology," Bloomberg said Wednesday.

The Domain Awareness System is said to allow authorities to review live video feeds and quickly check suspect arrest records, while expanding New York City's radiation detection equipment and enlarging its existing database.

The project also has raised questions among civil rights activists concerned over the extending reach of law enforcement in New York.

But Bloomberg touted both its ability to increase public safety as well as its possible financial returns.

"Because the NYPD built the system in partnership with Microsoft, the sale of the product will generate revenue for the cty that will fund more new crime-prevention and counter-terrorism programs," he said.